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Tour and Travel Packages Sri Lanka in India- Testimonial


Raising a toast especially for the highly hospitable and understanding team members of The Real Asia DMC who planned ours once in a lifetime experience of Sri Lanka. Our trip was ineffably stupendous far surpassing our expectations. The varied itinerary was fabricated that included experiences covering rich culture, savoury cuisine, magnificent landscapes and last but not the least high on comfort and hospitality. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!!


George Plassat
Best Tour Group Photo in India - Testimonial


I cannot stop myself from beginning to praise the entire team of The Real Asia DMC. Our trip to Bhutan was a quintessential one, the one anyone can dream of while shelling out their hard earned money. A trip full of adventure, enlightenment and infinite memories that we got back home with. We loved every phase of it. It was a vacation filled with the exploration of new places, new people, new cuisines and much more.


Patrick Leis
Best Honeymoon Tour Packages in India-The Real Asia DMC


You come across numerous nice and friendly holiday guides and agencies but there is that one who deserves the maximum number of accolades. For us, this compliment is well deserved by The Real Asia DMC that made our journey a joyous and memorable one. Nowhere did we face any discomfort throughout our trip from home to India and back home. All applauds for their holistic efforts for creating this one for us.


Mr. Lutz Gartner
Tour and Travel Realasia-fd Agency Packages - Testimonial


It was our maiden foreign trip and we were completely flattered with the personal care we got, commencing the planning stage until we came back home. The trip was organized in such a way that I am willing to highly recommend this trip to Sri Lanka to just anyone. In short, it was an amazing trip where we felt and were treated like VIPs. Looking forward to our next trip with The Real Asia DMC.


Naomi Woods
Tour and Travel Agency- Testimonial


An absolute stunning time is what describes our Bhutan experience the best with the trip planned and organized by The Real Asia DMC. The arrangements were worked out with so much finesse that it happens to be their USP. We not only got to explore the locations, their culinary treats, culture but we also got to learn about where it stands today on the globe. Thank You, The Real Asia DMC team.


Alex Thomson
The Best Realasia Pascal Tour and Travel Company Testimonial


Must say that it was a holiday of our lifetime. It was the most remarkable family trip with oodles of hospitality experienced everywhere. The tour was full of pleasant surprises from flavourful culinary treats to diverse local activities to the mesmerizing view of landscapes. This trip was sufficient to make us realize that India is undoubtedly a land of diversity accompanied a rich heritage to treasure forever. See you soon India with The Real Asia DMC management.

Pascal F. Kenner
Group and Guided Tours and Travel Packages in India- Testimonial


What a fantastic experience! Our tour guides enthralled us with their knowledge about the places we visited. The accommodation chosen at every destination was more than adequate in every term with numerous facilities to keep us comforted. We were treated with delicious meals whether it be on the go or at the hotel. Must say, The Real Asia DMC is a professionally managed travel company distributing happiness to all their group members during the entire duration of the trip.


Michael De Lily
Realasia Bhutan Tour and Travel Company - Testimonial


The itinerary was carefully thought off and fabricated in a manner that was worth every second and penny spent. We were informed well in advance about how the trip would proceed to help us stay prepared accordingly. The clock clicked perfectly throughout the trip that made it an outstanding one. It was a fun-filled and relaxed tour to the inner and outer Bhutan. There was no stone left unturned to facilitate us and make it the trip the most memorable one for us.


Clayton Menezes
Sri Lanka Exclusive Tours via Real Asia- Testimonial


An immaculate Sri Lankan tour lead by highly professional tour guides with friendly attitude throughout. The only trouble we faced was that we had to bid adieu to the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka and come back home. With high attention to detail, our tour guide was extremely enthusiastic and qualified when it came to the knowledge about the destination. The choices made as far as the accommodation and eating locales were concerned never disappointed us.


Kristin Young
Realasia Khullar Tour and Travel Agency - Testimonial


I have travelled a lot with my family rather a big family with my wife, children and parents. However, this happened to be the most proficiently organized trip for us by The Real Asia DMC from every angle. The wonderful humour and excellent knowledge accompanied with superb coordination definitely deserve a 5-star rating. The tour guides did everything to comfort the travellers in their respective groups. Thank You, The Real Asia DMC!


Paul Saunders