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Wildlife Bengal Tiger Safari

Royal Bengal Safari- Sundarban Forest

Vacation in the arms of the Sunderbans

The Sunderbans can be the destination option for you if you are a looking forward to spending your vacation amidst nature and wildlife. Situated in the Sunderbans Delta in West Bengal the Sunderban National Park features bold and beautiful Royal Bengal Tigers. This Indian tiger territory covers an area of near about ten thousand square kilometres and shelters more than two hundred fifty tigers. Reptiles, chirping birds, crocodiles, and many invertebrates can be easily spotted in the Sunderbans as well. With the diverse range of flora and fauna here, you can experience the best forest safari in India at Sunderban National Park.

There are many major attractions in and near the Sunderban National Park. You can have a mesmerizing view of the numerous bird species from the watchtowers situated at Netidhopan, Haldi, and Sudhanyakhali. The Bhagatpur Crocodile Project will give you a chance to witness a huge number of beautiful crocodiles. It is considered the largest estuarine crocodile hatchery in the world. You can also enjoy watching Octopus, Sea Anemones, and Horseshoe Crabs at Chargheri Char, the wetlands at Sunderban National Park West Bengal.
Apart from that, you can also spend quality time gazing at the thick beautiful mangroves in there. You can enjoy these things more if you consider visiting the national park in the winter season. Plan your visit and take up sunderban Jungle safari packages in India in the colder months of December, January, and February for a better experience. However, you can catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tigers in the summer season (April to June) as they come out of their shelter during that period seeking cool water.

Accommodation is never a concern when you plan for wildlife trips in India. There are many accommodation facilities in and near the Sunderban National Park which are quite popular among regular tourists. Staying in wildlife lodges is highly recommended as it would be more convenient to visit the national park early in the morning for fun-filled boat rides. You can avail Sunderban National Park tour packages offering luxurious accommodation options at highly affordable rates.

Planning a safari trip isn’t a piece of cake; you will need a lot of equipment and also the right attire. Plan the trip is knowing the exact travel durations and route and your journey to Sunderban National Park will be a bliss.


– South 24 Paragana, Sunderban Delta, West Bengal, IN

Nearest Airport

– Kolkata, West Bengal, India

– 1,330.12 sq. km
– 1984

Major Wildlife Attractions
– Bengal Tiger, Fishing Cats, Flying Fox, etc.
Best Months to visit
– September to March

– Madras, New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, (GMT +5:30)
– Park is Open in all four seasons

Sunderbans National Park Safari Itineraries

Here are some hand picked Sunderbans National Park Safari itineraries which offer maximum wildlife safari experience.

sundarban national park Bengal Tiger

The Sunderban National Park West Bengal was declared a UNESCO world heritage in the year 1987. The Sunderbans is basically a mangrove area. It is located in the delta that the rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna form when they meet the Bay of Bengal.

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