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Kaziranga Wildlife Safari

Kaziranga National Park Tour

Kaziranga wildlife safari for a beautiful and memorable vacation 

Planning a vacation? Well, you must be quite excited to make it a fun-filled experience, right? But, aren’t you bored of the regular sight-seeing, river rafting, trekking, and camping? If so, then why not try something new for your next vacation? Amazed by the idea? Well, then go ahead and plan a Kaziranga Wildlife tiger safari India to witness an exotic environment, uplift your mood, make your soul sing, and turn your vacation into the most happening event of your life.

One of the most popular destinations offering wildlife safari in India is the Kaziranga national park located in Assam. This national is famous for the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. It is also known widely as a famous tiger reserve. Snakes, tortoises, crocodiles, and alligators are the common reptiles often spotted in Kaziranga. Apart from fauna, the national park also shelters three major kinds of flora, namely- grasslands, tropical semi-evergreen forests, and tropical evergreen forests. The best time to visit this Tiger national park in India is between November to April. The park can be reached by air, rail, or road. You can get easy accommodation at the place without any hassle.

Accommodation is never a concern when you plan for wildlife trips in India. There are many accommodation facilities in and near the Sunderban National Park which are quite popular among regular tourists. Staying in wildlife lodges is highly recommended as it would be more convenient to visit the national park early in the morning for fun-filled boat rides. You can avail Kaziranga National Park tour packages offering luxurious accommodation options at highly affordable rates.

Planning a safari trip isn’t a piece of cake; you will need a lot of equipment and also the right attire. Plan the trip is knowing the exact travel duration and route and your journey to Kaziranga National Park will be a bliss.


– Golaghat, Nagaon, India

Nearest Airport

– Guwahati

– 430 sq. km (Combining Core and buffer forest)
– 1974

Major Wildlife Attractions
– Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephants, Water Buffalo, Swamp deer
Best Months to visit
– November to April

– Madras, New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, (GMT +5:30)
– Park is Open in all four seasons

Kaziranga National Park Safari Itineraries

Here are some hand picked Kaziranga National Park Safari itineraries which offer maximum wildlife safari experience.

Kaziranga National Park Water Buffalo

There are many wild life tour packages in India and also many lion safaris in India. One such place is Kaziranga in Assam. It is one of the very well-known safari parks in India. There is an abundance of wild plants and animals here at the Assam national park and sanctuary.

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