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Wildlife Lion Safari - Gir Forest

Roar of Lion - Gir Forest Safari

Experience vacationing in the arms of nature – Gir Forest National Park

Planning a vacation? Well, you must be quite excited to make it a fun-filled experience, right? But, aren’t you bored of the regular sight-seeing, river rafting, trekking, and camping? If so, then why not try something new for your next vacation? Amazed by the idea? Well, then go ahead and plan a Wildlife tiger safari India to witness an exotic environment, uplift your mood, make your soul sing, and turn your vacation into the most happening event of your life.

One of the most visited and biggest national park in India is the Gir National Park at Gujarat. This Indian park is quite famous all over the world for its Asiatic lions. The count of the lions has grown even more in the recent days, and presently the national park houses more than six hundred Asiatic lions. The forested hilly region also houses many other wildlife species including leopards, jackals, deer, and antelopes. Apart from these, crocodiles and around 300 species of beautiful birds also shelter themselves in the Gir national park. You can witness all these exotic wildlife species in the country by going for wildlife safari tours in India.

Reaching the Gir National Park is quite easy, thanks to the good travel agencies providing affordable packages for the best wildlife tours in India. These packages generally include everything starting from your travel to your stay.

The biggest airport is located in Ahmedabad, which is 7 hours away. The other two smaller airports are located in Rajkot (3 hours away) and Dui (2 hours away). Gir national park best time to visit is between Decembers to March. It is highly advisable to go for safari during the morning as the lions are most active at that time. Generally, three jungle safaris of 3 hours each are offered per day.    


– Junagadh District and Amreli District Gujarat, Ind

Nearest Airport

– Keshod

– 1,412 Sq. Km
– 1965

Major Wildlife Attractions
– Bengal Tiger, Fishing Cats, Flying Fox, etc.
Best Months to visit
– September to March

– Madras, New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, (GMT +5:30)
– Park is Open in all four seasons

Gir Forest National Park Safari Itineraries

Here are some hand picked Gir Forest National Park Safari itineraries which offer maximum wildlife safari experience.

Gir Forest National Park

Gir National park offers one of the best wildlife tours in India especially if you want to see the majestic Asiatic lions. This National Park is located at the south west of the state of Gujrat in India.

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Gir national park lion

There are many national sanctuaries in India, but out of all these, the biggest National Park is the Gir National Park. It is famous for its Asiatic Lion population which is close to 411 as per the last count.

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