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A memorial trip to the Himalayas


The Himalayas has a mountain range in Asia which separates the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. Trek through the Himalayas and enjoy the natural beauty spread in Bhutan. The Himalayas represent nothing less than the crowning apex of nature’s grandeur. Here dramatic forested gorges rise to skylines of snow-capped glaciated peaks through a landscape that ranges from high-altitude desert to dripping rhododendron forest. Test your mettle against some of the world’s most audacious and dangerous roads, or set a more measured pace on a trek through yak pastures to prayer flag-strewn passes haunted by snow leopards and red pandas. Stretching in a 2500 km-long arc across Asia from Kashmir to Kathmandu, Lhasa to Ladakh, the Himalayan range is a big place. Focus your pilgrimage on one of the following dream trips.

Paro Bhutan Travel Company in India-therealasiadmc
Day 01 – Arrival at Paro


When you arrive at the Paro airport Bhutan, you will be transferred by our representatives to the pre-booked hotel. You can spend your afternoon in the hotel and pack your essentials for the evening out or simply take rest. When you decide to move out of the hotel in the evening, you can choose to explore the city and its astonishing architecture and fuse yourself into the daily lifestyle of Paro. While your holiday days in Bhutan, you can visit the KyichuLhakhang which is considered as one of the oldest and the sacred temples in Bhutan.

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Day 02 – Take a Tour on Chele La Pass into the Haa Valley


Today, tighten your shoelaces as you will be exploring the Haa Valley with your English speaking guide with the help of real Asia. It is the highest road in Bhutan with its popular truck café that serves nice snacks throughout the route. Visiting the Chele La Pass will give you an amazing experience to enjoy for the lifetime. The 35km drive to Chele La makes an interesting and fun road excursion, and it is an excellent jumping-off point for normal day walks.

This pass separates Haa and Paro valley, and at the point of 3810m, it is among the highest motorable pass in Bhutan. You have to cross and reach the Paro or Haa crossing the dense spruce and larch forests keeping in mind which season you are going. On a clear and sunny day, you can capture spectacular views of Mt. Jumolhari, Jichu Drake and adjoining peaks to the North West and the view of Haa and Paro Valley. You can visit Bhutan for your honeymoon and go the HaaChhu River and end with visiting a local family for butter tea and some delicious Bhutanese snacks. When you have your lunch, you can continue with your tour with the village walk with the locals crossing Chuma.

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Day 03 – Go On Taktsang Monastery Trekking (Also Known As Tiger Nest of Bhutan)


Today, you will visit the landmark of the country Bhutan which is also famous as Tiger Nest which is located at the height of 3120m altitude. To reach the point, you will cross the KyichuLhakhang with your guide. This is the place where Buddhism came into existence in Bhutan. When you ascend, you will get the best glimpses of Bhutan Mountains, and you can also snap pictures and enjoy the breathtaking views of Paro valley.

Admire the beauty of the place and get lost in the mesmeric milieu in the Tiger’s nest. It was established in 1692 and is considered as one of the holiest Buddhist places in Bhutan and is following the culture. When you are done with sightseeing, you can hike back and relax your afternoon at the hotel. You can take the help of DMC Bhutan to help you with exceeding your fun on your trip.

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Day 04 – JeleDzong: The Beginning Of Your Trek


When you take your breakfast, begin your day with visiting Ta Dzong. It is considered as the national museum of Bhutan, and it comprises of some of the oldest and well-known artefacts of the nation. From this point, you can take your trip towards the Jewel Hill Fortress or RinpungDzong. Begin your trek from Paro to Thimphu, and it is only of 8km away from JeleDzong. If you are trekking on clear weather, you get a chance to observe some of the most beautiful peaks covered with snow. When you travel to the site on not-so-good weather, you hardly get any glimpse of the beauty of the place. You can stop below the Jele pass at your camp and take rest.

Jangchulakha Bhutan Holiday Tour Packages-therealasiadmc
Day 05 – Trek To Your Second Stop: Jangchulakha


You will be taken to Jangchulakha by crossing the dense forests covered with alpine trees all around. The trek lasts for 3-4 hours where you will cover around 10 km distance, and here you get to experience the beauty of snow-capped peaks and if you are lucky you can also hear the pheasants. On your camp, you can also witness yak shepherds in their natural habitats.

Lake Bhutan Tour and Travel Packages-therealasiadmc
Day 06 – JimilangTso: Your Third Stop


You get along with your trekking until the third stop. To reach the place, you cross the beautiful Lake Janetsho. You can spend more time learning about the lifestyle of Yak shepherds and how they live. Nearby the Jimilangtso lakes, you will spend your night in the camp.

Simkota Lake Bhutan Tour Agency in India
Day 07 – Simkota: Your Fourth Stop


After finishing your breakfast, pack your bags and get to your tour that will start with climbing. On the way, you can take splendid pictures of the GangkarPuensum. Then, later, when you have explored the place, you can take the downhill slightly through junipers all through your campground located in Phajoding.

Phajoding Bhutan Tour and Travel Company
Day 08 – Phajoding: Your Fifth Stop


After breakfast, you will begin your trekking by visiting the beautiful Phajoding monastery fortress. The fortress was built in the 15th century, and you can still experience taking pictures of the place.

Thimphu Bhutan Family Tour Packages-therealasiadmc
Day 09 – Thimphu: Your Last Stop


When you are done with witnessing the fortress, you hike down to Thimphu that you have to reach crossing the blue pine forests. You get to Thimphu in about 3 hours covering 5 km. Take rest at the hotel, and you can take a visit to TashichoDzong, a major tourist attraction in Bhutan.

Punakha Bhutan Tour Packages-therealasiadmc
Day 10 – Off To Punakha


Today, you get a chance to spend your day with Bhutanese tradition. You begin your day by paying a visit to the national library. After spending quality time in the library, move ahead to visit the Institute of ZorigChusum also known as a painting school. From here, you can drive to the traditional textile museum and look at different weaving mechanisms used in Bhutan from ages to make clothes. Last but not least, visit the Thimphu memorial chorten and end your tour with having lunch and then make your way to Punakha. Here, on the way, you will cross the prayer flags-lined Dochul Pass and get along with the drive crossing the rice fields and rhododendron line forests. Take the help of Destination Management Company and get sorted with all your tour problems regarding pricing/price.

Doluca Paro Family Tour and Travel Packages
Day 11 – A Way to Paro


Begin your day with a healthy breakfast at the hotel, visit the local temples and seek blessings for the wellbeing of the families and visit the river valleys and cross the Dolucha pass to Paro. On the way, visit the SimtokhaDzong which is considered as the traditional architecture studies for 300 students. Visit one of the oldest villages in Bhutan, Richengang that are built without nails and indulge in their world and lifestyle for some time. Drink the very famousSuja which is butter tea with a little salt in it and enjoy with your friends or family.

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Day 12 – Departure from Paro


Take your breakfast and get to the Paro Airport from your hotel after check-out and travel your way back home as you’re your package comes to an end.

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